Nuts & Bolts

Everything from class schedules to tuition, family work expectations, and parent meetings is covered here. Take note!

2017-18 Class Schedule (tentative)

Monday10 am – 1 pm(2 to 5-year-olds)
Tuesday10 am – 1 pm(2 to 3½-year-old children only)
Wednesday10 am – 1 pm
(2 to 5-year-olds)
Thursday10 am – 1 pm(2 to 5-year-olds)
Friday10 am – 2 pm(3½ to to 5-year-olds, with lunch time)

Parents working in the classroom as assistant teachers arrive at 9:45 am on their scheduled days, work the entire class time, and stay after class to help clean and close the school. The parent providing snack arrives at 9:30 to help teachers set-up the classroom and is the first to leave.

There are four Parent-Teachers each day, in addition to the teacher(s). Each day has at least one lead teacher, and most have a second paid assistant teacher, or two lead teachers.

2017-18 Annual Tuition (tentative)

1 day/week$850
2 days/week$1,700
3 days/week$2,550
4 days/week$3,400

Add $250/yr if one of the enrolled days is Tuesday or Friday. The higher tuition accounts for the smaller class size of Tuesdays and the extra hour on Fridays.

Annual tuition is based on the number of days a child is enrolled and can be divided into ten payments.

For instance, if a child is enrolled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the annual payment would be $2800, or could be divided into 10 payments of $280/each.

If a child is enrolled on Monday and Thursday, the annual payment would be $1700, or could be divided into 10 payments of $170/each.

Note: Upon acceptance of enrollment, a deposit of one month's tuition is due. This deposit will be applied towards June 2019 tuition. Deposits are non-refundable.

Class size

There are no more than 17 children enrolled per day, with 14 children Tuesdays.

Number of days children may enroll

2-year-olds may attend up to 2 days per week. 3-year-olds may attend up to 3 days per week. 4- and 5-year-olds may attend up to 4 days per week.

Family work expectations

There are four areas of family work contribution to the school: classroom, family job, cleaning, and fundraising:

  1. Classroom: Each child's family is responsible to have one adult who works in the classroom about 1/3 of the time that the child is there per month. For example, a child who is enrolled for two days a week has a family member who works in the classroom once for approximately every three times she/he attends, about twice a month.
  2. Family Job: Some examples include serving as a board member, tour guide, maintenance provider, supplies coordinator, photographer, fundraising team member, or teacher assistant.
  3. Cleaning: Each family is expected to help clean the preschool. A family with one child cleans twice a year for 3 hours each time; a family with 2 children enrolled cleans three times a year for 3 hours each time. You can opt to pay $75 each time to have someone else do this job for you.
  4. Fundraising: King Street Cooperative Preschool is an autonomous nonprofit school. We do not receive any public funds nor any grants currently. To keep tuition low, each family is asked to participate in our fundraising program. Participation includes procuring items for the spring auction, selling raffle tickets, selling goods for our fall fundraiser, as well as providing contacts for our annual giving letter.

All of these family contributions help keep our tuition costs low and build our sense of community.

Parent Meetings

King Street Co-op holds monthly parent meetings to discuss classroom issues, parenting topics, administrative business, and other co-op needs. These meetings are key to the smooth operation and success of our school; participation by all families is required. Beginning in October, meetings are held once a month on a Wednesday night from 7 to 9 pm.

Board Meetings

Additionally, the governing board of KSCP meets monthly to conduct school business. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. These meetings are open to all co-op members but are not required. Board meeting minutes are published and distributed via our Google group to co-op members the week following.

Community Events

Throughout the year, King Street Coop Preschool has community-building events including an orientation, a welcome potluck/park play date, an opening school set-up day, a beginning of school play date at school, a winter potluck, a March auction and party, and park play dates throughout the summer.