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Primarily for King Street parents, you'll find the monthly newsletter, curriculum, the handbook, and more.


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Newsletter Archive

Helpers (PDF)March 2016
Superheroes and Heroes (PDF)February 2016
Getting Acquainted (PDF)October 2015
Nature Days (PDF)May 2015
A Visit from the Fire Department (PDF)April 2015
Growing Like a Weed (PDF)March 2015
What’s so Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding:
Exploring Martin’s Words
February 2015
Growing By Leaps and Bounds (PDF)January 2015
Creating A Space for Feelings (PDF)December 2014
It's Not "Just" PLay (PDF)November 2014
Getting to Like You, Getting to Hope You Like Me… (PDF)October 2014
Child’s Play (PDF)February 2014
Free Range Children (PDF)January 2014
Benefits of Co-op (PDF)November 2013
Experiencing Recovery (PDF)October 2013
Improving the Math Skills of Early Learners (PDF)April 2013
Pre-K Meets with Seattle University Engineering Students (PDF)March 2013
The Development of Early Literacy Skills (PDF)February 2013
Moving Children Toward Happiness (PDF)January 2013
Exclusionary Play in the Preschool Years (PDF)December 2012
We Are F-A-M-I-L-Y (PDF)October 2012
Personal Safety in the Preschool Years (PDF)June 2012
Raising a Child in the Age of Information (PDF)February 2012
Beyond Counting (PDF)January 2012
How Can I Help My Child to Be a Bookworm? (PDF)December 2011
An Anti-bias Approach to Thanksgiving (PDF)November 2011
What Do I Do About Challenging Behavior (PDF)October 2011
Learning Empathy in Preschool Years (PDF)November 2010

Sample Curriculum

Our teachers post new monthly curriculum via email to the community. Activities during the school day change daily or weekly.

Favorite Things (PDF)January 2014
Dark and Light, Winter Traditions (PDF)December 2013
Safe, Strong, and Free Me - My Body (PDF) November 2013
Tree Homes (PDF)October 2013
Getting Acquainted (PDF)September 2013

The Handbook

Our hope is that this handbook will shine some light on the developmental needs that inform our program philosophies and policies. This handbook will address many of your questions about the practical workings of the school. It may even provide a glimpse of life in the classroom.
Download the 2017–2018 handbook (pdf) .

Our Anti-bias Books

Our library is filled with a wide assortment of wonderful books, but we have a particularly well-stocked selection of titles that support the goals of anti-bias education for young children.
View the anti-bias book list .